Class Description

Fusion Dance

This is a combination of cardio vascular exercises mixing the sensuous and graceful movements of Indian dance, together with modern hip hop, while dancing to the beat of modern Indian music. It is suitable for all levels.

Bollywood Dance

A vibrant and entertaining dance that is suitable for beginners. It gives a whole body workout while dancing to the rhythm of joy with the powerful nature of Bollywood music.

Bhangra Dance

Rhythmic folk music of the Punjab blended with hip hop, jazz and pop music brings in high-speed, trendy and festive choreography that will have student’s feet moving non-stop.

Indian (Semi-Classical) Dance

One of the most comprehensive and oldest dance forms in the world. It’s simple, yet equally beautiful choreographed in the popular Indian dance style emphasizing on foot-work, hand gestures, and eye and neck movements filled with grace and elegance. It is ideal for beginners who will be able to learn how to use gestures and facial expressions to show the poetic or emotional meaning while combining rhythmic gaits and postures.

Bollywood Workout

Get the best cardio workout of your life with our fantastically popular Bollywood Workout Class. This powerful 45-minute workout sets workout cycles to the latest upbeat songs from Bollywood Movies. All experience levels encouraged, beginners welcome to sweat and have FUN together.

Freestyle Dance

Steps are easy to follow and focus on latest dance styles. It is a combination of moves from modern jazz and hip hop which focuses on stylish, rhythmic, energetic choreography with pop music. It is an excellent cardio workout and suitable for all levels.

Kids Class

Joyful moves & music of Bollywood suits perfectly for kids. Uday will share with your children the fun of a range of dance styles in Bollywood from modern hip hop/jazz steps to elegant classical movements. Extend your children’s exposure to the world’s growing popularity of Bollywood dances now!

Ugadi 2011


“印度舞”分很多種類,有古典舞、民族舞、還有流行國際的Bollywood Dance (寶萊塢電影舞蹈)。Bollywood Dance舞種非常多樣化,是印度民族及現代西方舞蹈hip hop/jazz的Crossover,根據寶萊塢電影歌曲的特色編排充滿動感、歡樂及熱情的舞步,富時代感但亦流露不少印度傳統色彩。這絶對是一種能減壓及强化心肺功能的帶氧運動。

In addition to these core subjects, Feel The Beat offers specialty dancing to e.g. schools and universities, community centre, corporate dance workshops and team building activities . We are closely linked to some dance studios and associations in Hong Kong and as such, can offer exchange programs, which will give our students additional opportunities.

Classes are conducted in the formats of open groups, private small groups, specialty classes, etc. For enquires, please send us an email to

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